• B E A U T Y   K E Y S •
My Promise To You



I will always give you my honest opinion because I respect our relationship.
My advice is authentic and every decision is made with the purpose of building trust.


I believe that education, when combined with the right products, is your most valuable tool.
I am committed to teaching you everything I know and all I continue to learn in the beauty industry.

№ 03  VALUE

I am focused on value. I believe in investing in products that work + tools that last.
When expensive items are recommended, they are worth the investment.


Each product is chosen in good faith, but that doesn't mean a better one won't be discovered.
This shop is flexible and will adjust if new and better products are found.

№ 05  FUN

Beauty doesn't have to be serious or scary, and that's why my motto is "Let's play dress up!"
I promise to make this fun and approachable so you can create with a childlike spirit.


Employing individual artists, supporting charitable causes and making sustainable choices is
incorporated in my business. I believe in goodwill and hope you will join me in giving back.


I am extremely grateful to have found my passion and work in an industry I love. I’m also thankful
for you and your devotion. It gives me incredible joy to reach you through my blog and store.